Brand Consulting | Strategic Services


(TKOD) helps designers and brands to build and execute long term strategies, allowing them to develop their success in a continual way. We provide support on all aspects of their business including merchandising, marketing and distribution. 

(TKOD) is based in New York. We operate at the crossroads of emerging and established design. 



Here are some of the services we offer. They are tailored to the need of each client. Feel free to contact us for more details. 

Brand consulting | Market Analysis, Brand Assessment, Extension opportunities

Product | Merchandising, Product Strategy, Innovation

Sales Optimization | PR, Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Partnerships and Collaborations



ALLISON READ SMITH    Jewelry and Objects

Brand strategy and development. Product merchandising. Distribution. Public Relations. 

L-BRANDS  Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works    Lingerie and Beauty

Strategic patterning. Market research. Trend analysis. 

J. MUESER    Bespoke tailor

Merchandising. Visual Merchandising. 

STICK & BALL   Fashion and Lifestyle

Traveling pop-up design. Visual Merchandising. 

OVERBEY & DUNN   Vintage and Antiques

Creative direction. Merchandising. Visual Merchandising. Partnerships. Public Relations.