Josef a la Plage | Rubies and Garnet

Josef a la Plage | Rubies and Garnet


Inspired by the bold monochromatic paintings of Josef Albers, this hand-knotted necklace plays with shades of Rubies, Garnets and Gold beads, accented with a gold cable chain.

Composition: 18k yellow gold, Ruby beads 57 ct, Garnet 13 ct.

Total length - 36 inches

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Care Instructions

Each piece of Objet-a jewelry is carefully handcrafted and requires delicate handling. We recommend you remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing and keep away from abrasive cleaning products. Avoid contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant. You may wipe your jewelry with a polishing cloth, or gently wash with a mild soap and warm water.